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Dear Residents,


Did you know that the energy consumed by public facilities and street lighting directly impacts our local budget? Although these facilities are publicly owned, meaning they lack a specific owner or controlling person, their energy costs significantly affect our community’s financial health. It is technically impossible for any individual or group to directly monitor the electricity consumption of all public buildings and street lighting.


But change is within reach.


With this pamphlet, we introduce a pathway to rational electricity consumption - a strategy that promises substantial benefits for our municipality and society at large.


Rational Electricity Consumption: What Does It Mean?


Rational electricity consumption isn't just about cutting back; it's about wise resource management. Our goal is to maximize benefits while minimizing costs for maintaining public facilities and street lighting.


Why Is This Important?

This initiative holds the potential to:


  1. Save Resources: Reducing electricity consumption alleviates pressure on our local budget.
  2. Reduce Energy Costs: Lower consumption helps conserve energy and reduce our ecological footprint.
  3. Improve Safety: Proper lighting in public spaces is crucial for citizen safety.
  4. Ensure Better Management: Monitoring and controlling consumption enhances resource management.


Our Plan


  1. Technical Solutions: We're deploying state-of-the-art technology for real-time monitoring, courtesy of smart-me, a Swiss company.
  2. Identifying Irregular Consumption: These systems help quickly identify excessive or off-hours electricity usage.
  3. Disconnection of Irregular Consumption: Irregular consumers will be disconnected during non-operational hours to curb losses and promote rational usage.
  4. Rational Lighting: Thoughtful lighting plans will ensure proper illumination using energy-efficient systems.
  5. Monitoring and Reporting: All consumption and control data will be accessible via a user-friendly web application, fostering transparency and oversight.
  6. Community Involvement: Public participation is crucial for the success of this program.


How Can You Help?


  1. Informing: Share information about this program with your friends, neighbors, and community to raise awareness of the importance of rational electricity consumption.
  2. Monitoring: Stay vigilant in your surroundings and help identify instances of irregular electricity consumption.
  3. Engagement: Participate in public discussions and support initiatives promoting rational electricity usage.


For a Better Future.


Let's conserve energy to forge a brighter future for our municipality. Rational electricity consumption frees up resources for vital investments in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and community development.


Join us in this crucial endeavor. Together, we can achieve cost-efficiency, resource preservation, and a sustainable future through rational electricity consumption.


For further details or implementation proposals, please don’t hesitate to reach out.




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