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As we move towards a more sustainable future, it is important to consider ways in which we can use electricity more rationally in public buildings and public lighting. This pamphlet aims to save energy and resources, while providing a solution for more efficient use of municipal budget funds.


Why is this program important?


Public buildings and lighting often do not have individual owners responsible for their energy consumption. This ownership model poses challenges as traditional methods of monitoring and control become impractical due to the volume of work and lack of human resources.


What does rational consumption mean?


Rational consumption of electricity means optimizing the use of energy in accordance with needs, primarily during working hours, while minimizing consumption outside of working hours. This involves monitoring consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal level.


How does the technical solution work?


Using the latest WiFi system technology, we implement solutions that enable automatic monitoring of energy consumption in real time. This sophisticated system identifies and resolves cases of excessive consumption or unauthorized use of electricity.


How is consumption controlled?


The technical system compares the current consumption with the preset one, with an alarm if it is exceeded. Outside of working hours, non-essential consumers are automatically disconnected. Public display of consumption is a key factor in rational consumption, and the municipal website allows the public to monitor consumption and identify irregularities.


How is the program implemented?


Accounts of the facility for the last three years are analyzed, a conceptual project with costs for realization is created, financial resources are applied for, the system is installed, the allowed cost is defined, and the public is publicly informed about consumption and costs.



The implementation of this program represents a step towards a more sustainable future, saving energy and resources.

Transparent management of electricity costs represents a new standard that provides respect for citizens, while at the same time we keep pace with the progress of artificial intelligence.


 I hope we were clear in our intent.

Management of electricity consumption in public buildings and lighting

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